Sailin Free

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    Sailin Free is a set of 3 songs which I recorded afresh with MarcJB in August 2020 ... each song was recorded live to capture the essence of each song.
    Each song is a mini journey into the ups and downs of life ... and ultimately finding the overall joy in simply being alive ...

    The first song is is "Sailin Free" and describes city life ... morning commute ... work ... family life ... relationships ... responsibilities etc., and the necessity of taking a pause, breathing in and out and letting go to the feeling of being free within, having a free spirit with the ability to "sail free" no matter what is happening externally ... "everybody needs a little bit of breathing out and breathing in ... and Sailin Free" ... 

    The second song "No Place like Home" is all about those times of confusion and and feelings of being lost ... then finding our Home in simple being here now ... coming home to our Heart ... home is where the heart is ... 

    The last song "Rise up Angel" is about finding our feet as we transition from teenagedom to adulthood ... the circles of confusion ... then finding an anchor which allows us to rise up and see the bigger picture ...

    All songs written by me (Anne Malone), I sing them, play guitar and backing vocals.

    They are recorded live, so the pure essence of the songs can be preserved.  

    The wonderful MarcJB plays electric guitar, Rhodes keyboard, bass, percussion and recorded, produced and mastered the wee gems!!  

    I hope you enjoy them and hopefully they will bring some happiness to your heart.